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Week 4 – Shelving

While nothing glamorous; this week we filled a need for our craft room. Enter: Closet shelves. We added a 6′ wire shelf we had leftover from renovating the utility room last year and a 3′ wire shelf we scored at … Continue reading

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Week 3 – Lunacy

We stepped out for the January 21 Jupiter/Moon conjunction. It was a bit foggy but we still got to see the main event. In addition though, the fog produced a circular lunar rainbow, (I’m thinking and wishing there’s a better … Continue reading

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Week 3 – Painting Pantries

Painting is horrible, no doubt about that. Over the weekend we painted our kitchen and foyer closets. The kitchen was necessary for reasons that will not be discussed. We’re still not completely sure why we did the foyer, but both … Continue reading

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Week 3 – Shadow Box

Another Goodwill acquisition with a 79 cent shadow box frame. We had been discussing finding a way to display our pins (primarily our more recently acquired Dragon*Con, Hard Rock Cafe sets). This worked nicely. We glued some scrap black fabric … Continue reading

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Week 2 – Juicing

January 12 marks one week of consecutive juicing. Usually in the mornings before work, usually carrots, apples and cucumbers juiced then mixed with a banana in the blender. We’re starting to branch out with beets, greens, herbs, and other good … Continue reading

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Week 2 – Chayote

The fruit of the chayote is a firm, pear looking, squash. This we cooked 3 ways; boiled, sauteed and baked in the toaster oven. Baked was definitely not the way to go as it cooked through, but ended up watery, … Continue reading

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Week 1 – Bar Cabinet

While not anything particularly new or especially significant, we did manage to clean up and relocate our former bar (a very cluttered mantle) by running across this little $8 Goodwill find.

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Week 1 – Cat Boxes

Tired of the mess and working off the design of other, very expensive, top entry cat boxes; we applied our newly acquired Dremel to a couple of storage bins, and voilà.

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Week 1 – Cassava

New Years Day we decided to get the first week out of the way by trying a new food, cassava root. We ended up just boiling it down in a frying pan with a little salt and pepper. The flavor … Continue reading

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