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Week 28- The great purge

For several weeks we have been gathering items from our home which we no longer need or want.  This has been the largest purge since we moved into our home filling the Prius twice!  We even got rid of the … Continue reading

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Week 27- Trivial Pursuit

This week we had Patterson’s over for a Trivial Pursuit men vs woman game night. 

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Week 27- First Hummingbird of the season

This week we saw the first hummingbird of the season!

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Week 27- AC repair

Late Sunday night we discovered that our AC was no longer cooling.  We called Grayson out to fix it the next day.  Turns out our condensation drain was clogged.  According to the repair man all we have to do is … Continue reading

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Week 26- Water Spout, purging and chorizo

This week Jason witnesses a huge waterspout over the gulf form the 9th floor of his office building.  We also began a huge purge, clearing out extra stuff from our house.  In addition, we tried Vegan Chorize from Trader Joe’s … Continue reading

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Week 25- Family Time

The the 4th of July we had Miri’s parents over for gumbo.  Then on Saturday the 6th we had the Jason’s siblings, mom and nephews over for a rainy family pool day.

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Week 25- Botanical gardens sale

This week we went to the botanical garden’s plant sale.  While there we purchased a Blue Java banana, three pindo palms and a big daddy hosta.

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Week 24- endoscopy and great food

After having to deal with a strange heartburn for over a year Miranda’s doctor finally diagnosed her with gastric erosion.  Should be easily cured with a eight week Regimen of bland food, medication and no alcohol.  To celebrate this evening … Continue reading

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Week 24- The great litter box protest of 2013

This week we discovered that in some sort of bogus teenage rebellion Tiger Lilly had decided that she no longer cared to make an effort to go to the litter box to relieve herself.  After taking her to the vet … Continue reading

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Week 23- Margaritaville Biloxi

This year for Dad’s Birthday/ Fathers day the family went to  Margaritaville in Biloxi.  Dad enjoyed the all you can eat crab and we had a chance to check out Jimmy Buffet’s new casino.  The atmosphere of the casino was … Continue reading

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