Week 23- Olive Oil Taste Test

This week we went in search of a superior olive oil.  Armed with an array of suggestions from consumer reports we picked up two new bottles from Target to compare to our market pantry brand at home.   The oils we chose to sample were Colavita and O-Live.  After a quick sampling we decided that we will never buy cheap olive oil again.  The O-Live brand was the clear winner with a wonderful rich taste which was pleasing to the palate.


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Week 23- Computer Repair

This week Jason was able to figure out why Leanne’s computer was not working properly.  The overpriced “computed repair shop” had installed a new cmos battery with a single sliver of electrical tape which kept coming loose causing the computer to boot in BIOS.


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Week 22 – Game Night

On June 8th we had friends over for a Vegan Mexican food night. We also played Star Wars Monopoly and watched the film “Warm Bodies.”  We discovered that the characters in the game look too similar and resorted to using colored care bears instead of the pewter pawns that came with the game.


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Week 21 – Vegan Croissants, Doughnuts and Fence Repair

On June 1st we started the day with a delicious breakfast of Vegan sausage and cheese croissants.  We then went outside and propped up a section of our privacy fence that was sagging.  We then painted the gable on the deck.  We also mowed and trimmed the back yard.  WE rounded out he evening making a batch of vegan doughnuts and homemade spaghetti.


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Week 20 – Repaired Bird Feeder

On May 29th we repaired our bird feeder.  The bird feeder had fallen over due to deterioration in the base.  we used an old drier clamp and some aluminum nails to create a new support for the feeder.


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Week 20 – Weather Proofed the Picnic Table

On May 29th we gave our old Picnic table new life with a coat of Thompson’s water seal.


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Week 20 – Vegan Grilling

Vegan Grilling

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Week 20 – Power-washed Patio

On May 26th we power-washed the concrete surrounding our swimming pool in preparation of the upcoming swim season!IMG_0961

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Week 19 – Trimmed Palms and Mini-LAN

On May 25th we trimmed up the large palm trees surrounding the swimming pool.  That evening we had the Patterson family for a mini-LAN game of AOE II.

trimmed palms


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Week 19 – Trimming of the Sago Palms

Sago Burn

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